More Time at the Beach

From Scott Bywater: Professional copywriter and marketing consultant,
who's helped hundreds of businesses explode their sales & profits in dozens
of different markets and industries all over the US, Canada, UK & Australia…

How to Double Your Cash-Flow, Slash Your Working Hours & Spend More Time at the Beach

This is your Private Invitation to join a select group of serious business owners and entrepreneurs in an Exclusive "Coaching and Mastermind Group", where one of Australia's leading marketing consultants and copywriters will show you how to:

  • Significantly grow your profits, even on shoe-string budget…
  • Create lucrative marketing systems and put your marketing on autopilot…
  • Unlock the hidden wealth lying in your business and lock-in your financial future…
  • End the stress, reclaim your life and free up more spare time for your family…
  • And more…

But be warned, this private invitation is limited to an exclusive group of business owners only. To take advantage of this opportunity, you must Act NOW! See below for more info...



Dear Business Owner,

See if this sound familiar...

You first got into business because you thought it would be glamorous. You thought you'd work less, make a lot more money, have more time for your family and live the life of your dreams?

But then reality happened. Suddenly you found yourself married to your business, working harder and longer than ever before...

 More Time At the Beach

Making Less Money and Struggling to Find the Time for Your
Accounting and Marketing, Let Alone Your Family

Or maybe you're further along now. Maybe you have a good grip on your marketing and are already making good money in your business. You are already working less, spending quality time with your family and living comfortably off your profits.

But now you want to take your business to the next level and get "REALLY RICH"!

You want to go for the dream -- the huge lavish home you've always dreamed of… those beautiful luxury sports cars and boats you've had your eye on, parked in the driveway… those amazing exotic holidays always shown on television -- you're ready to aim for the next level!

Either way, if YOU fit anywhere in this picture, then the information on this web page has been written especially and specifically for YOU!

My name is Scott Bywater and as one of Australia's leading marketing consultants and direct response copywriters, I've spoken to thousands of businesses owners in dozens of different industries all over the US, Canada, UK, Australia and more.

And almost without exception, I can tell you...

 More Time At the Beach

Almost Every Business is a Leaky Ship that's Missing
Out on Massive Financial Opportunities

… Whether it's lost sales opportunities… under-utilized advertising mediums… the latest internet technology… or more… I can tell you without doubt, there is not a business in the world that could not improve their marketing and dramatically increase their profits in the process.

That's why I've created this webpage; to help you unlock that wealth. In the process, you'll attract more customers into your business, make more money, free up more time for your family and finally live the life you've been dreaming of.

Hard to believe? Maybe, but it is possible; my best clients are living proof!

And I'd like you to join them by accepting a private invitation to join a radical new program I call the...

Hear What Mark Poulter Has to Say About the Membership
Mark Poulter
Veraison Restaurant

More Time at the Beach Coaching and Mastermind Program

Apply my marketing systems and you won't need to invest large amounts of cash to grow your business. You won't need to be a technical expert. And you won't need to spend huge amounts of time.

However, if you think you already "know it all," I suggest that you stop reading now... because this information isn't for you.

On the other hand, if you're open-minded and willing to look at case studies of promotions that worked, as well as ones that failed -- and find out what made the difference -- keep your eyes glued to this page.

If you qualify, you'll get the opportunity to discover cutting-edge strategies in each of the following areas:

 More Time At the Beach
  • Facebook advertising
  • Content Marketing
  • Customer referrals
  • Business referrals
  • Joint venture mailings
  • Direct response advertising
  • Phone directories
  • Google Adwords
  • Search engine optimization
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Sales strategies
  • Increasing customer value
  • Tradeshow marketing
  • Display ads
  • Social media marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Marketing flyers
  • Fax broadcast
  • Email marketing
  • Postcard marketing
  • Telemarketing
  • And much, much more!

How A Chance Encounter Made Me A Star Salesman

Believe me; I know how it feels like to struggle in business.

When I first started in sales and marketing as a 17 year old, I had to cut my teeth as a commission only door-to-door salesman and a telemarketer – two very tough industries.

In those early days, I tried learning everything I could about personal selling and gave it everything I had. Yet despite my best efforts, I failed to make a sale for weeks when I started my sales career. I was confused and losing confidence fast.

 More Time At the Beach

Thankfully, I was lucky enough to stumble upon my first business coach. At the time, I didn't have a car and the company's top salesman, who lived nearby, offered to drive me to and from work each day.

His name was Ray and during our many journeys to work, we struck up a close relationship. Ray could see I was struggling and kept me motivated. He showed me different ways engage the customer on the phone, present the benefits, close the sale and get a referral... then coached me under his watchful eye as I put into practice what he taught.

Soon after, I made my first sale and I was hooked. My passion for sales and marketing had been ignited!

In the years ahead, I continued building on my sales career. I sold face-to-face, door-to-door and on the phone, in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets, selling everything from books and gym memberships, to website design and IT support.

I continued applying the lessons Ray taught me and eventually became a star salesman in my own right.

Hear What John Vaughan Has to Say About the Membership
John Vaughan, Director

How A Cocky Twenty Something Became One of Australia's Most Sought-After Marketing and Copywriting Consultants

I became so good at selling that one day, as a cocky early twenty something and after being inspired at a high-priced marketing seminar, I decided to get into business for myself.

I invested in a hairdressing salon located in an underground area of a major shopping complex. Foot traffic was minimal in our area so I, like you, had to invent different ways to get customers through the door.

It was here I first learned how to apply my sales skills to advertising and became very successful at attracting new customers into my business. Suddenly, my second passion was ignited - the art of salesmanship in print, or "copywriting".

By Applying My Sales Skills to Advertising, I Was Able to Duplicate Myself and Leverage My Results

Instead of selling to just one customer at a time, I was able to reach hundreds, even thousands at once through advertising and in the process, multiplying my returns.

Can you imagine how that felt? Having control over the amount of customers that come into your business and seeing amazing results from your marketing efforts? Believe me...

 More Time At the Beach

It Was the Most Liberating Feeling in the World

Sadly though, the hairdressing business wasn't for me. I knew nothing about cutting hair, and was terrible at managing staff.

So I eventually decided to quit the hairdressing business and use the lessons I had learnt to become a marketing and copywriting consultant.

Since then, even I have to admit that my level of success has been nothing short of remarkable:

  • Unlike most Australian based consultants, I have serviced hundreds of businesses around the world in countries like the US, UK, New Zealand and Canada. I also have an on-going relationship with several large companies in the US and write for a number of well-known online publishers.
  • My consulting services are currently in such high demand; clients often have to book weeks in advance. And many consider my rate of $500 per hour a bargain.
  • Even though I don't employ staff, I continue to make more than many high-priced Doctors and Lawyers do working out of their own practices – and without the headaches most traditional business owners face.
  • Because I consistently bring my clients results, several of my well-respected colleagues describe me as one of Australia's most talents copywriters and marketing consultants. For example, Janet Maddock, Promotions Manager, Readers Digest Australia recently said this about me:

"Over the years, I have seen hundreds of copywriters. Scott is without a doubt one of the best in Australia. He's one of the rare breeds of classic, results oriented direct-mail copywriters that focuses on bringing the benefits off the page to elicit a response from his readers. His copy is such a joy to read, because it's the sort of copy that gets a huge response. It goes straight to the heart of what the customer wants and delivers results - and huge profits for your clients."

And Brett McFall, who's famous for writing over 8,000 ads and sales letters for 153 different industries, also said this about me:

"There aren't many direct response copywriters who I can recommend. They have to know how to sell in writing - and do it so well that it reads like pure poetry. They have to be hard workers and committed to results. And they have to have a marketing brain that can solve problems from many different angles. Scott Bywater is one of those copywriters and I use him often. You should too if you want to get more customers and increase the sales of your business ... fast."

Of course I realise the Internet is overflowing with so-called gurus and experts willing to take your money. I'm sure you're smart enough to realize...

 More Time At the Beach

All the Claims in the World Don't Amount to a Hill of Beans Without Real, Measurable Proof

So here's documented proof of my success from some of many satisfied clients.

Hear What Jeff Veale Has to Say About the Membership
Jeff Veale
All Suburbs Catering
Hear What Ross Anderson Has to Say About the Membership
Ross Anderson
Wine Empire
Hear What Chris Hansen Has to Say About the Membership
Chris Hansen
Jims Mowing Franchisor
Hear What Danny Sondergeld Has to Say About the Membership
Danny Sondergeld
We Sell Homes
Hear What Rick Saunders Has to Say About the Membership
Rick Saunders,
Melbourne Muscular Therapies

"When I ran your ads the phones went off the hook. They generated over 500 leads and a total of $200,000 in sales so far (which I expect to double by the time we follow them up properly). I am glad I decided to go with your recommendation of 5 advertisements, and measuring their results because one ad out pulled every other ad by 50%. Quite frankly, I'm over the moon with the campaign, and most of all the fact that I have a system I can replicate to achieve results like this over and over again."

- Theo Tsiamis, Accountants Choice, NSW

"Scott, I believe that conservatively, the yellow pages advertisement you wrote will double my domestic turnover. It is attracting a better class clientele, in the 45 & over age group – the ones that don't quibble over the price and just want a good job done. It's not attracting the price shoppers. My conversion rate has also increased and I am getting a lot less price resistance. Thank You."

- Jim Howes, Australian Technical Cleaning, NSW

"Thanks to the letter you wrote, we received 140 registered people to our seminar, out of 800 mailed. I was impressed with it being an unexpectedly high 17.5% response rate. As a result of the night I received 6 new clients at $25,000.00 that signed up with me there and then. That's $150,000 in sales! Not to mention what will come in the future and with the additional exposure I received."

- Jacqui Attard, Excellence in Practice, NSW

"Your advice on measuring the results we were getting from our advertising confirmed my decision to eliminate over $42,000.00 in unnecessary expenses – because it wasn't paying its way. I have noticed a 25% increase in inquiries from our yellow pages advertisement in the first few months it came out."

- Ray Milton, M & M Pest Control, NSW

Hey Scott, All I have to say is WOW! I'm speechless - 75 leads from 6,559 emails. You delivered a 300% increase on our normal results. And it's already generated 2 new clients who are worth at least $3,000 to us. I've still got an extra 45 follow up calls to make which I'm expecting to result in another 4 sales. I am predicting at least $18,000 in sales from a single email. Thank you.

- Geoff Bromley, What Price My House, NSW

Previously, we'd be lucky to get 20 people into a seminar room – which took a lot of hard work - and we experienced a lot of anxiety doing it. In our most recent trip to Perth, we saw 185 people in 3 days (an average of more than 60 people a night) … which is by far the best result we've achieved since starting the business. Our only regret… is that we didn't implement these strategies a lot sooner.

- Nick Lockhart and Bryce Holdaway, MRD, NSW

This year I doubled my investment into my phone directory advertisement. As a result of the new advertisement Scott wrote, I have already made over $34,000.00 from the $20,000.00 ad at the half way point of the year. Previously, I ran with a $10,000.00 ad I wrote and would be lucky to get $15 - $20,000 in sales for the entire year.

- Sam Bugeja, All Ways Greener Turf, NSW

I have to admit, some of the testimonials above represent exceptional results. I'm not going to make outrageous claims like "you'll be a millionaire within six months." I'm sure you're smart enough to realize that hype like this is bogus. After all, your success depends on your market and how well you implement the strategies I teach you in your business.

What I can tell you is that my best students do experience phenomenal results. Some do even better than the people you've just read about, but don't want me to make their profits public (because they're in competitive markets).

Did You Notice?

Also, did you notice?... My clients were able to profit from their marketing promotions over long periods of time. That's because I don't just teach my clients a strategy, I also show them how to systemize it so they can be replicate it seamlessly, over and over again, continually making you more money with little effort on your part.

That's one of the secrets behind a successful business; having proven marketing systems that work seamlessly and consistently without you.

That's How all Great Franchise Businesses Like McDonalds Work – and it's Exactly What I Show You

Just think of the benefits this single strategy could have on your business:

  • Business CoachingYOU can control the amount of business you generate. Once you find the ads, letters, systems and promotions that work, you are no longer at the mercy of the economy or fickle word of mouth promotion. You can run them over and over again, to generate as many customers as you want or can handle.
  • YOU can control the amount of income you make. A profitable letter or advertisement can also be adapted to other advertising mediums such as the Internet, Yellow Pages, trade magazines and more. You can replicate it over and over in as many different mediums as you want. The profit potential is almost limitless.
  • YOU can control your time. Your whole marketing operation can be put on auto-pilot so you can start working on your business rather than in your business. You are no longer a slave and can afford to hire others to work the systems for you, just like many of my successful clients have already done in their businesses.

Just imagine 3 months from now, having...

A War-Chest of Automated Sales and
Marketing Promotions at Your Disposal

Including referral letters, flyers, fax broadcast letters, radio ads, Adwords campaigns, joint venture promotions, direct mail letters, tradeshow programs and more.

Then imagine being able to say, "Hey, I need more customers next week," and being able to run your promotions until you're full... then cutting back whenever you can't handle anymore.

As you have seen from the documented case studies on this page, that's precisely the kind of power my clients enjoy in their business. And it's one of the secrets I teach you in my "More Time At The Beach Coaching & Mastermind Program".

Places are limited so why not click here now to reserve your place while you still can?

Tell Tale Signs You Need Help!
  • Your Business Is Stagnating: You haven't increased your profits or customer base during the past 12 months.
  • You're Struggling For Ideas: You know you can do more to grow your business and attract more customers, you just don't quite know how to go about it.
  • You Get Distracted: Something always comes up. Deadlines always get pushed back, and then forgotten about.
  • You're Confused: You're constantly hounded by advertising sales reps, all making conflicting claims and quoting selective statistics. You just don't know who to trust.
  • You're Frugal And Need Results: If you're going to invest in marketing, you need to know it will work.
  • You're A Peak Performer: You're already successful but you're a natural competitor and still looking for ways to get more out of yourself.

If you want to improve your results, speed up your success and ultimately take your business to the next level, then I urge you: Apply now to join the "More Time At The Beach Coaching Club". Places are limited so click here now to reserve your place while you still can?


But Why a Group Coaching and Mastermind Program

As you probably know, at every high-priced marketing seminar, there are hundreds of aspiring business owners and entrepreneurs eagerly making notes and inspired to make their fortunes in business.

Each one leaves with the same knowledge and for the most part, the same amount of ability and talent at their disposal. Yet only a handful will ever go on and put that knowledge successfully into action and get the results they wished for.

Why is this so? Is it because most attendees lacked the motivation? Is it because they gave up to easily? Is it because they read the wrong messages? I'm sure these factors all play a part.

But truthfully, the real reason most people never make it work is because 9 times out of 10...

Giving Someone Knowledge is NOT Enough

There are always unforeseeable issues, hidden situational factors and real work aspects waiting to trip you up. And without the right guidance, you often find yourself failing to make the most out of each opportunity.

Worse, without someone to bounce things off, you can come across a stumbling block, not be sure what to do, shelve the project, and 6 months later nothing has been done.

Sound familiar?

Just like you can't teach an athlete to become a world-class football player from a book, you'll probably never realize your business's full potential without a coach. Just think about it....

That's why coaching programs are becoming more popular – they produce results faster and greater than any book or seminar ever could. Just think about it....

  • Great sporting stars like Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, David Beckham and Roger Federer have all had coaches. Do you honestly think they could have achieved what they have without a coach?
  • Famous actors like Leonardo Di Caprio, Jim Carrey, Hilary Swank, Helen Hunt and more have also used acting coaches at one time or another. How else could they prepare for roles and take their craft to another level?
  • Successful Executives and CEOs have all been coached at one time or another. Fortune 500 CEOs like Larry Bossidy from 'AlliedSignal', Robert Nardelli from 'Home Depot' and James McNerney for example, all mentored under and worked for the great Jack Welch at GE, named "Manager of the Century" by Fortune magazine. Coincidence? I think not!
  • The Biggest Loser TV Show even uses personal trainers to coach their contestants through training and hold them accountable to their programs and diet. Do you think they could achieve the phenomenal results they do without their trainers?

The truth is; books and seminars are valuable. They help you to build your knowledge and improve yourself.

A Simple Way To Increase Sales Conversions On Your Website

Most websites -- even those forking out thousands on advertising to drive traffic -- usually make the mistake of simply offering their products and services.

Little do they know that they could significantly boost profits by changing their offerings to a lead generating offer (such as a free report) in exchange for their name and email address.

This does two things - firstly it filters out the less serious prospects from your offer. Secondly, it gives you the opportunity to follow up with those prospects automatically with an email autoresponder (a series of pre-written email messages sent out at pre-determined timings by a special email program).

While this may sound simple, I have personally seen sales conversion rates increase by over 400%! That's 4 times more sales from every visitor to your website.

Plus, because it is all automated, many of my clients have used this strategy for years without ever having to lift a finger again. Clients like Peter Kirkham from Print Acumen in Perth which used this exact strategy to generate $70,000 in sales for his business in the first 18 months.

Just imagine what these sorts of results can do to your business?

If you want to discover more quick and easy strategies like this to grow your sales this year, then apply now for my "More Time At The Beach Coaching Club". Places are limited so I urge you: Click here now to reserve your place while you still can?


But I think you'll agree: It's nothing compared to having an expert and mastermind team to check in with regularly... helping you navigate around the roadblocks and pitfalls that lay hidden in your path... and pushing you to achieve your goals.

Someone you can rely upon for providing the best advice... who you can share ideas with... clear up any doubt or confusion you may have... and put you on the right path to success faster!

If a coach can help sports stars, Fortune 500 business executives, famous actors and even Biggest Loser contestants achieve higher levels of success, why not your business?

Why It's the # 1 Coaching Program In Australia

Of course, there are already a number of coaching programs on offer for business owners, many delivered by coaching franchise licensees who may not have personally achieved any real success in a business themselves.

Don't laugh, this is one of the coaching industries dirtiest little secrets and happens all the time!

I don't know about you but when someone offers me advice, I'd like to think they have real-world experience in what they are talking about. Not just academic "theories", but real runs on the board.

Look beneath the surface and I'm confident you'll discover few come close to the documented success I've had in the real world.

So who would you rather; an expert who's already enjoyed phenomenal success doing what they teach, or someone following a franchise guidebook?

I know who I'd rather trust with my business.

That's when you join my "More Time At The Beach Coaching & Mastermind Program", you also get these additional benefits:

  1. Experience You Can TRUST... As you can see from the documented case studies on this page, my record shows I have helped plenty of business owners transform their marketing and unlock the wealth they deserve. You don't get some cookie-cutter program delivered by a franchisee, only real advice from someone who's already done it successfully before.
  2. An HONEST Voice In A Sea of Sharks... What I sell is my advice and products, so I had better be good at it. I profit from no arrangements with any trade magazines, newspapers or phone directories. I give you the one thing you seek most -- a truly objective marketing voice you can trust in a world filled with advertising sales reps.
  3. RESULTS, Not Just Information... Beyond knowledge, I also give you actionable templates, cut and paste examples from promotions that have worked in the real world, easy to follow instructions spelt out in plain English, and valuable guidance every step of the way.
  4. Goal ACCOUNTABILITY... I'll push you, prod you and do everything I can to hold you to your goals and take real action. Gone will be the days when you get distracted and forget about deadlines.
  5. An Unwavering COMMITMENT To Your Business... My success comes from the fact I treat my client's businesses as if they were my own.


Click Here to Lock in Your Membership so You
Can Spend More Time at the Beach

The bottom line is I've helped hundreds of business owners over the years - people with dreams, who work hard and want to find a better life through operating their own business -- to grow and remove the barricades and frustrations standing in their way.

I want you to be my next success story.

So here are some of the amazing benefits you get it if you join my program...

The Quickest and Easiest Way To Boost The Response of Any Ad!

You may have heard that your headline is the most important part of any ad. Your headline catches your prospects attention and largely determines whether or not your prospect reads your ads.

Changing headlines have seen up to 17 times more responses from your ads. Although a 2-3 time improvement is often more achievable.

So how do you know which headline will bring you the biggest bang for your buck? Here's a simple strategy: run a small split-test using a Google Adwords classified ad. You can run tests for as little as $50 and quickly discover your most profitable headlines in a matter of days.

Just imagine what this knowledge will do for every Yellow Pages ad, direct sales letter, fax broadcast and marketing piece you ever run. You'll be able to maximize your results without the costs and headaches of a traditional split-test.

If you want to discover more quick and easy strategies like this to grow your sales this year, then apply now for my "More Time At The Beach Coaching Club". Places are limited so I urge you: Click here now to reserve your place while you still can?


Component #1:
1 on 1 Strategy Session to Help You Focus on the Right Things

No two businesses are the same, which is why I feel strongly against those "one-size-fits-all" programs that take a cookie-cutter approach to building your business.

So within the initial weeks of joining our program, you'll receive a phone call from my assistant who will book you into a personal one-on-one half-hour strategy session with me. During this session, we will examine your personal business situation and identify the "untapped" wealth opportunities hiding in your business.

I promise to pinpoint the top three areas you should focus on over the next 12 months to get the most out of your coaching and mastermind program. Trust me; this personalized approach will give bigger and faster results than you imagined possible.

Value: $300.00

Component #2:
An Incredible Direct Marketing Education

I really see this program as the closest thing to a University course for direct response and web marketing you’re ever likely to come across, so you’re also going to get your “core” materials, the background information you need to get the most out of every single group coaching call and mastermind session that you can refer to over and over and over again. Each component is designed to bring you up to speed and provide you with step-by-step strategies you can implement immediately…

A. The More Customers on a Shoestring (12 Week Coaching Program)

If you’re wondering how to put the giant marketing jig-saw puzzle together, and are so overwhelmed with information you don’t know whether to focus on improving your web site conversion… creating a strategy that will put you in front of warm leads… learning how to overcome objections… creating a referral program… or running Facebook or Google Ads… then stop driving yourself insane about how to do it and get stuck into this program.

It’s literally a step-by-step training program you can go through over the first 3 months (one module a week) for getting more customers on a shoestring budget, and with minimum time. Everything is laid out step-by-step and you even get templates of ads, sales letters, landing pages, etc. so you can quickly implement every single thing you learn.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn:

  • How to make it virtually impossible for your BEST customers not to want to reach out to you (and exactly what to do after that so they see you as the ULTIMATE option)
  • My own personal method of developing automatic trust with the RIGHT type of prospects
  • Step-by-step directions for creating a web site that converts “lookers” into paid customers
  • The three biggest reasons why your current ad isn’t working (and how to fix it, fast)
  • How to convert more sales with your autoresponder campaign (in the first 30 days, so you can make a profit FAST)
  • EXACTLY what to do to quickly establish credibility with your customers
  • My super-easy formula for getting in front of twice as many warm leads (and having them be thankful for the opportunity). I even give you a sample of the exact funnel you need to follow, that you can EASILY customize for your own business. I give you exact directions – so you can generate more sales without having to be a “star” salesperson
  • A simple way of creating sales pages (for a product or a service) on your web site that convert (includes the structure, templates and step-by-step guidance of how to do it)
  • How to get more done in less time (including how I start my day, the project management software I use, how to hire people for as little as $6 per hour so you can implement all this stuff, and how to avoid making “dud hires”)
  • How to write hot-selling emails in as little as 15 minutes
  • An email trick that gets customers to contact you and ask for your help
  • How to set your marketing funnel so you slash the number of objections you need to handle in the sales process – DRAMATICALLY
  • My never-before-revealed formula for creating a marketing plan for your business… and how to make sure you don’t fall into the trap most people make which causes them to procrastinate, freeze and do nothing
  • How to create an advertisement and “lead magnet” for generating qualified leads in just a few hours (you’ll get the exact directions and templates to make it as easy as falling off a log)
  • A simple chart that will help you overcome perfectionism, lack of focus / self discipline, ADHD “too many ideas that don’t stick” like behaviour, frustration and multi-tasking
  • My own secret formula for creating a sales page that sells so that by the time you finish the program you have a web site which turns prospects into sales. (This is the cornerstone of any web strategy. If you can do this, you can send your sales through the roof… because it makes all your traffic more profitable)
  • How to know which marketing programs you should do first for your specific business
  • How to structure your day to get it all done (and if you’re really time-starved, where to find resources that can help without blowing the budget)
  • My brand new personal formula for email marketing. This is a brand new teaching that I have NEVER revealed before
  • A simple strategy that stops you from losing customers (think about it: what would happen if you still had every customer that has ever done business with you?)
  • And much, much more.

Valued at $997.00 – Yours FREE

B. Cashflow Advertising

Once you’ve got a grasp of the process of getting more customers, it’s time to really dig deep and discover the details of how to write compelling advertising copy for your ads, sales letters, emails, etc.

There is no more important skill than this. And with your Cashflow Advertising manual at your fingertips, you’ll have a tool you can refer to over and over again whenever you’re writing an ad, sales letter, fax, landing page or anything else you need to sell.

If you’re smart, you’ll treat this 180+ page Step By Step Guide like GOLD. Don’t have someone else read it for you… don’t file it in a folder to read “one day” – suck the marrow out of it immediately and see your cash register ringing more frequently than you’ve ever imagined. Everything is covered from A-Z, so it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Here’s a taste of what’s inside:

  • The 14 most important and overlooked questions you MUST ASK yourself before even thinking about putting pen to paper.
  • The 12 most powerful words in the English language and how to use them to make you rich
  • Why this 3-word definition of advertising could double your profits.
  • The critical and proven strategy that saved one pest control business over $42,000.00.
  • REVEALED: The 3 most important elements that will ‘make’ or ‘break’ the success of your advertisement even if you do everything else right.
  • My 13 step dead-simple formula for making sure you get maximum value from your ad or sales letter (this is the exact formula I use whenever I write copy - and it’s made my customers hundreds of thousands of dollars - and if it’s helped them amass this much money, then surely it’s gotta be worth something to you, right?)
  • Who you CAN’T trust when it comes to advertising advice (there’s only one type of person who’s advice is pure gold - if you want to make huge profits, don’t ask anybody else)

The 3 fatal mistakes you’re probably making right now in your advertising. (and they’re probably costing you a heck of a lot of cash)

  • How to crush the hidden objections that are stopping your customers from calling … and multiply the pulling power of your ads.
  • AMAZING TRUE STORY: How I was ethically convinced to buy my wife’s engagement ring from a jeweller in Sydney (and I was only at the ‘just looking’ stage … but ended up buying it there and then … because they understood the trade secrets) Now if these guys can do it - couldn’t you too?
  • Discover the “TRUST FACTOR” … which is the hidden reason why people don’t respond to your ads … and how you can use “CREDIBILITY BOOSTERS” to guarantee your cash register rings every time.
  • A quickie “Idiot’s Guide” to understanding your customer’s psychology. (Instantly get the picture on exactly what causes your customer to tick … and learn how to tickle his “hot buttons’ until the stage of frenzy.
  • Why you can give away your product or service for FREE … and make a fortune from the process.
  • How to quickly turn your hidden salesmanship ability into world class sales copy … even if you got a ‘D’ in English
  • Ever had a customer doubt your ability to deliver on your promise? I’ll show you how to overcome their resistance … and get them to whip out their wallets … and give you their money NOW!
  • A very simple tactic to double your profits overnight! (Incredibly, this is an easy technique that’s well-used by smart businessmen … but ignored from 99% of advertisers)

How to absolutely annihilate doubt and scepticism
from the mind of your prospect

  • Discover the critical facts you’ve got to know if you want to create your own ‘mega pulling’ ad or sales letter
  • How to make your business ‘stand out’ from your competitors even if there is absolutely nothing that’s unique about it
  • The # 1 ‘hidden reason’ why people don’t answer your ads … (this isn’t what you think) and how to guarantee you write a winner that leaves your competition in the dust
  • 184 ‘Lazy Businessman’s Shortcut” show stopping headlines that can make you money hand over fist. (and the exact way you can apply these to your business)
  • The 8 letter word you need to ‘totally understand’ if you want to write ads that rivet your prospects … and multiply the profits of your ad
  • A sure-fire 5 point checklist for creating headlines that SELL!
    How to start writing your ad so that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get writers block, no matter how hard it usually is (this one super strategy will have you writing like an expert in no time)
  • How to start the first paragraph so it hooks customers into your copy
  • The 3 step ‘psychological triggers’ formula that makes your prospects feel a deep need to have what you are selling
  • What the newspapers know - and you don’t - that makes it easier to read their articles. (Apply this to your ads, and you’ll get more readership every time)
  • The 10 most commonly used words that you can use in your headlines to make you rich
  • The three types of photos which magically draw customers into you ad like a kid to a candy store
  • 19 simple starters to ensure you never get ‘writers block’ coming up with sizzling headlines
  • How to write a killer headline that stops your target audience cold! (Discover the right trigger words that will pinch your prospect on the arse and force her to stop everything and read your ad.)
  • How to slash your advertising expenses by 55.5% no matter WHAT industry you are in
  • 12 amazing trade secrets that will give you the ‘edge’ - and your competition won’t have even heard of them
  • How to use photographs in your advertisement, which photographs should be used … and how to place them for maximum effect
  • What advertising actually is - you will be astonished! Some professionals aren’t even aware of this
  • The secret headline process which could make you millions
  • Over a dozen different ads and sales letter examples you can model for your own business
  • And much, much more

Valued at $287.00

Ok, by this stage, you’ll have all the fundamentals down pat. You’ll know exactly what you need to do to get more customers without spending a fortune and exactly how to write sales copy that will run rings around 99% of your competition.

So it’s time to get into some of the specifics…

C. Lead Generation Express

This package reveals exactly what you need to do to get customers chasing you, instead of you chasing them. 

You’ll discover how to devote all your energy into prospects who are worthy of your precious time, instead of chasing half-interested and sceptical ones. I’ll give you the real templates and samples that allow you to do this fast.

Here’s an overview of what you’ll discover:

Session #1: How to Chase the Right Leads

  • A simple way to avoid ever having to deal with a tyre-kicker again
  • How to quickly identify the best leads to go after where you maximise your odds of closing a high value sale
  • 7 questions you need to ask before you target a customer
  • Why the internet is not always a great lead generation tool (and what to use instead)
  • And much, much more

Session #2: How to Boost Your Sales by Helping, Not Hype

  • The slippery slide sales model (and why most people put razor blades in the way of their prospects buying)
  • How to sell the way your customer wants to buy
  • What you should offer first in the sales process
  • How to make it almost irresistible for your target market not to get in touch with you
  • And much, much more

Session #3: 9 Different Places to Generate Leads

In this session, you’ll discover the pluses and minuses of a whole range of lead generation methods including…

  • Google Adwords
  • Newspaper
  • Banner campaigns
  • Magazines
  • Direct Mail
  • Content Marketing
  • Fax Marketing
  • Email blasts
  • Junk Mail

Session #4: Step-by-Step, How to create a “lead magnet”

  • How to identify the topic for a lead magnet
  • How to create a lead magnet in an afternoon (rather than weeks, shortcut secrets)
  • The biggest mistake salespeople make when creating a lead magnet
  • The different types of lead magnets you can use
  • And much, much more

Session #5: Step-by-Step, How to create a lead generation advertisement

  • The 3 step, counterintuitive formula that makes your prospects keen to respond
  • The best way to start your ads (you won’t suffer from writers block once you understand this)
  • The easiest way to pull your readers into your copy
  • All the elements required to get your prospects to respond
  • 5 real examples of lead generation ads that work
  • Plus much, much more

Session #6: How to Test Your Ads With Minimal Risk

  • Why you should NEVER plonk too much $$$ on an ad without first doing this
  • How to grow and learn 10x as fast as your competitors
  • How to become an instant marketing genius
  • The trick to getting WAY more leads than you can handle, FAST
  • And much, much more

Session #7: How to Become a “Big Fish” Rainmaker

  • How approaching “big customers” is different to approaching everyday customers
  • Why conversion rate doesn’t matter – it’s all about this one thing
  • The best marketing medium for approaching big fish
  • A simple monthly system you can set up to build deep relationships with customers that could be worth $100,000.00 or more in sales
  • And much, much more

Session #8: The Biggest Lead Generation Mistakes People Make

  • How to generate 3-4 x more revenue from every lead you get (and why most salespeople miss out on this)
  • The single most important stage of the lead generation process
  • What to do if you run a campaign that bombs
  • Where to place your ads to get maximum impact
  • And much, much more

Session #9: How to Create a Follow Up Campaign

  • The “Winston Churchill Strategy” that can boost your sales by up to 400%
  • The 7 emotional “buying triggers” to incorporate in your follow up campaign (including real examples of each)
  • Exactly how to create an email follow up structure
  • Real time example of how to write emails that sell
  • Suggestions on recommended autoresponders
  • And much, much more

Session #10: How to Save Up to 65% on Your Advertising

  • The exact letter I sent which got 25% of newspapers to slash their advertising prices by 65% (model it and use it for yourself)
  • How to quickly transform a losing ad into a winner
  • Why it’s in a newspaper or magazines best interest to slash their rates (and why many of them will)
  • The publication to get your hands on to access all the newspapers and magazines in the country you can advertise in
  • And much, much more

Valued at $997.00

Now you know how to get customers cost effectively… how to write compelling advertising copy for your ads, flyers, web site and emails… and how to generate tons of leads. It’s time to give you some specific “Ninja Tricks” you can use to get more customers…

D. 26 “Ninja Strategies” You Can Use to Get More Customers

If you’ll simply “fill in the blanks” and follow the step-by-step “road map” I lay out for you here, you’ll have customers lining up and practically begging to take your money.

This step-by step program shows you X unique ways to get more customers, including step-by-step templates from ads and sales letters my clients routinely pay thousands of dollars for.

Each strategy is quick and easy to digest with specific examples and templates, includes action steps to complete so you really “get it” and start seeing results within your business fast. Here’s an outline of the entire program…

Lesson #1: The Best Type of Ad for Getting Leads Fast

Lesson #2: How to Get Your Competitors to Promote You for Free

Lesson #3: How to Make it Irresistible for Your Letters Not to Be Opened

Lesson #4: The “Multiple Mailing” Secret for Multiplying the Results from Any Sales Letter

Lesson #5: The Best Way to Generate Leads Online
Lesson #6: How to Get Leads Using Postcards, Flyers and Coupons
Lesson #7: The “Fake Cheque” Strategy that’s Almost Impossible for Prospects to Resist

Lesson #8: How to Get a Bundle of Leads Via Fax Marketing (exactly what to do, step-by-step)

Lesson #9: The Exact Letter You Can Send to Get Up to 65% off Your Advertising

Lesson #10: How to Get a Flood of Referrals

Lesson #11: How to Boost Your Conversion Rate… Fast

Lesson #12: The “Frame” Letter that’s Almost Impossible for Even the Hardest to Catch Prospects to Resist

Lesson #13: A Clever Trick to Get Your Mail Past the Gatekeeper and Read by the Decision Maker

Lesson #14: How to Use Voice Broadcasting Technology to Automate Your Lead Generation And / Or Give Your Sales Letters an Extra Edge

Lesson #15: How to Maximise Your Results from Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Lesson #16: How to Generate Traffic From Article Marketing

Lesson #17: How to Create Killer Emails Which Send Your Profits Through the Roof

Lesson #18: How to Get More Customers Fast Using Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Lesson #19: How to Generate Leads via Teleseminars and webinars.

Lesson #20: How to Get Yourself Featured in Major Newspapers, Magazines & Notable Publications

Lesson #21: How to Get a Huge Sales Force Working for You on Commission Only Using Affiliate Marketing

Lesson #22: How to Use Voice Broadcasting to Get More Leads and Customers

Lesson #23: How to Drive Thousands of Visitors via Article Marketing

Lesson #24: Little Known Strategies for Using Facebook, Twitter & Social Media to Get Dozens of New Customers

Lesson #25: How to Make Maximum Money from Your Blog With Minimum Writing

Lesson #26: How to Get Back Your Lost Customers – a High Profit Strategy Almost Certain to Put Money in Your Pockets

Valued at $447.00

What all these ninja-tricks provide you with is a toolbox. So next time you’re looking for a way to get customers, you can simply flick through this list, pick one, take the template and use the new strategy to attract even more customers.

But it doesn’t stop there. At this stage, you are probably going to have a ton of questions and I’m a big fan of turning driving time into learning time. So you’re also going to get…

E. Five Hours of Your Most Pressing Questions Answered

Recently I asked everyone on my email list what they would ask a world class marketer if given the chance. Then I jumped on the phone with my comrade in arms, Alexi (another very savvy guy), and we answered every question in detail…

Nothing was left out – we covered everything from how to sell at a higher price... how to build trust... how to get the "right" type of customers... getting referrals... attracting BIG WHALE clients... how to differentiate your business from the competition... and much, much more. If you've got a pressing marketing question after going through all these lessons, you'll probably find the answer on one of these CD's you can throw into the CD player in your car and turn it into a University on Wheels.

Value: $495.00

As you can see, there’s a massive educational program here that’s ready for you to get stuck into at your own pace which will give you an overwhelming advantage over your competition. But education is only one part of the story.

In fact, that’s the reason why seminars fall down – they offer heaps of information, but not the coaching you need to take your business from where it is to where you want it to be. That’s where the next component kicks in…

Component #3 – Coaching & Ongoing Support

When you learn new information, you can often fall into the trap of becoming overloaded and unsure of what to do, and so you do nothing. That’s why coaching and support is so important. It’s also why we hold…

2 Live in Person 1 Day Seminars

Throughout the first 12 months together, you’ll get the opportunity to spend 2 separate days together as a mastermind group (near the airport in Sydney, so if you’re coming from interstate it’s easy to get to from the airport). You get to network with like-minded business owners and share each other’s lessons and experiences face-to-face.

I will personally facilitate each meeting and I promise you will be blown away with the intense learning experiences you get from each session. We’ll also record each meeting and send you the MP3 recordings to listen to again and again.

Some members say this service alone is worth the entire investment for the program. Speak to your accountant, your travel and accommodation could also be tax-deductable. It could be a wonderful opportunity to build your business and treat your family to a long deserved holiday at the same time.

Value: $5000.00

But you won’t just get to connect twice-a-year. We also hold regular conference calls where you can jump on and answer any questions…

Twice a Month Mastermind Tele-Conference

Twice a month, we'll get together via gotowebinar (don't worry, it's easy to use) to discuss the marketing strategies implemented by members during the previous month and provide answers to any roadblocks or questions you’ve come across.

During these intensive sessions, I answer all of your burning questions, address any potential issues and go through the major successes and failures with the group.

Believe me: This mastermind forum could possibly be the most valuable learning experience you'll ever have. It's like learning on steroids because you learn far more from your group's collective failures and successes that you could ever learn on your own.

The kicker is each call will be recorded and sent to you for review. You don't have to worry about missing important pieces of information while you take notes. You will be able to play them over and over again to squeeze every ounce of marketing knowledge from each session.

Value: $1164.00 a year.

What’s more, I’ll also be thinking about your business during the month and formulating answers to some of your most pressing problems – while also sharing the details of what’s working and what’s not with both my and my client’s business through my More Time at the Beach newsletter…

Monthly Newsletter & Audio Seminar

Every month going forward, you also receive a hard-hitting newsletter delivered to your mailbox with a bundle of strategies designed for FAST IMPLEMENTATION. 

Each strategy is explained in plain English and broken down into easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. There are also powerful “swipe and deploy” samples for you to copy and implement in your business with minimal time and effort.

You’ll also get an audio seminar. I personally invest in several audio seminars each and every month. They help me stay on top of new developments in the area of sales and marketing and keep myself and my clients ahead of the competition.

That’s why I’ve decided to give you the same gift of knowledge by delivering a groundbreaking new audio seminar for you to listen to once a month. Each “mini-seminar” promises to be full of profitable advice and hidden marketing gems you can apply directly to your business.

Some months, I will be interviewing big players from the world of sales and marketing. Others might involve in-depth case studies of a successful business owner. Some may even involve a hard hitting audio from yours truly on any breaking developments. And others may simply be me answering some of your most pressing questions. Either way, you can rest easy knowing you will be blown away with the latest advice and new ways to make money in your business.

Value: $794.00 a year

And whenever you’ve got a problem that comes up you’re not sure about, you’ll have access to…

An Exclusive Members-Only Online Forum

That’s right. We’ve set up a closed forum so you can jump online at any time and get your questions answered either from me… or by taking advantage of the wisdom of the entire group.

  • It doesn’t matter what your question is, simply ask…
  • Not sure about how to go about creating a joint venture? Ask the question.
  • Not sure about how to get your old customers back? Ask the question.
  • Not sure about how to get more traffic to your web site? Ask the question.
  • Not sure why your web site isn’t converting the way it should? Ask the question.

It doesn’t matter what your problem is, now you can take advantage of the mastermind process and have access to a savvy group of people who can help you solve it quickly and take your business to the next level.

Value: $997.00 a year

Click Here to Lock in Your Membership so You
Can Spend More Time at the Beach

Whew, that's quite a list of benefits, isn't it?

More Time At the Beach

My Client Files Are Overflowing With "Thank You" Letters
And Now I Want YOU To Join Them!

I know this is a lot of information, but I keep you busy for a reason.

I want to empower you with the kind of knowledge, support and real action that has regularly transformed my clients' businesses, greatly improved their lives and help them produce phenomenal results.

I'm talking about results like...

Peter Johnson.. Peter Johnson from Redman Partners in Sydney. I developed a direct mail campaign that brought to light the problems accounting firms were likely to encounter with self managed superannuation funds - and how Peter could help them solve their problems.

The campaign was mailed to 6,000 accounting firms in the eastern states of Australia at a total cost of $6,000 and eventually brought in $187,000 in revenue in 12 months -- a return of investment of over 3,000%!

As Peter later told me, "As you have been telling me all the time: when something works, keep doing it! Thanks, Scott"

Roberta Faddoul... Then there's Roberta Faddoul from Quantam Change Seminars, who was looking for a way to market her NLP seminars to the general public. I created an entire marketing and advertising campaign for Roberta based on a strategy which was previously untested in the industry.

The campaign eventually bought in over $800,000 in sales for that one project and contributed to Roberta becoming one of the youngest women to make BRW magazine's list of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the country.

According to Roberta, "When it comes to marketing and advertising, listen to Scott. It's a lot of fun working with him. But you've got to take that chance. When you do, you'll get a great response."

Peter Kirkham... When Peter Kirkham from Print Acumen in Perth was looking for a way to generate more leads for his business on the internet, I developed a small lead generation website for him to capture names and email addresses and a 15-part auto responder series to help him nurture and convert prospects into sales.

The result was an automated selling system that ran without him, and which produced an extra $70,000 in sales for his business in the first 18 months. Even better, Peter is now able to control the amount of leads coming into his business with the click of a mouse and enjoy the financial freedom he deserves with his family.

According to Peter, "What you teach is worth multiples of what you charge. Thanks Scott."

Jon Giann... And when Jon Giann from Knowledge Source needed to hire a copywriter for one of his Internet Mastery Secrets Seminar, he could have chosen any of the world's top advertising experts.

But just like so many of his projects, he chose me and it paid off handsomely.

Using the copy I created for him, more than 500 people attended his event, despite a competing even running on the same weekend. Since then, Jon has used that coy for 3 years running, attracting in excess of 3,000 attendees and generating a staggering $5 million in sales!

Obviously Jon was thrilled and said his copy is still after all this time, "working incredibly well."

Click Here to Lock in Your Membership so You
Can Spend More Time at the Beach

FreedomLet me ask you a question: How many holidays have you taken over the past 12 months to two years? And have you enjoyed those holidays in the locations of your choice?

If you answered no, then the best way to change this is to put the right marketing systems in place. It works that way for successful franchise businesses like McDonalds. And it works that way for the clients who have taken my advice over the years.

As you can see from the quotes on these pages, they now make more money, enjoy more free time and are finally doing what they want with their lives.

Quite an accomplishment, wouldn't you agree?

But it's not as difficult as it appears. At least it doesn't have to be when you join my coaching system and get the step-by-step guidance you need.

Whether you work on your own or have dozens of employees, I'm absolutely certain the strategies I share with you will transform your business.

What You Should Do Right Now

Like all successful business owners have done at some time in their business lives, you need to take an honest evaluation of your business and ask yourself…

"Am I working too hard?"

"Am I making enough money?"

"Is this really what I want for my life?"

If the answers disappoint you, I can tell you honestly, there is an easier way… in fact a much easier way. I'd like to show it to you.

To have a business that gives you more life and more financial security for your family, your business needs the right marketing systems in place.

Free Yourself

How To Use Tele-Seminars To Quickly Increase Your Sales and Profits

There is not a single business on Earth who cannot benefit from direct mail. Yet 95% of business owners haven't sent their customers a "thank you" letter, let alone a regular sales letter.

So when Rick Otton, a leading property investor educator, wanted to get more customers involved in his mentoring program, I suggested we craft a simple sales letter offering a free teleseminar event.

Since everyone was talking about positive cash-flow properties at the time, but complaining you could only get them in low growth areas, I decided to make this the subject of our teleseminar.

The result was over 140 people attending the event and $40,000 in sales from just a small mailing to a list of around two thousand people. The best part is Rick now had a system he could use again and again to other lists.

Could your business enjoy profits like these from a simple sales letter? With the right strategy it could. Let me prove it to you by applying now for my "More Time At The Beach Coaching Club". Places are limited so I urge you to click here now to reserve your place while you still can?


If you own a business, or work for yourself in some manner -- whether you're a Doctor or a plumber, run a newsagency or a department store, publish a hundred magazines or a kitchen-table newsletter, sell imported products from China or provide technical services, work as a freelancer or run a national consulting firm -- I can show you the secrets to tapping into the hidden wealth lying in your business.

  • If you've ever felt frustrated because you didn't know how to get more customers, I can show you how to not only attract more customers, but boost your sales conversion, increase their loyalty, and multiply their customer value.
  • If you only have a shoe-string budget for marketing, I'll show you dozens of low-cost, no-cost ways to bring in more customers, eliminate wasted advertising and boost your profits.
  • If you're time poor and struggle to find the time to market your business, I'll show you how to develop and implement highly profitable marketing systems that virtually run themselves, with little or no effort on your part.
  • If you aren't enjoying the lifestyle and freedom goals you set for yourself when you started - don't have the time to spend with your family because you're too busy making a living - I'll show you how to grow your profits to the point where you can employ someone to do some or all of your work for you, freeing up more time for you to spend with your loved ones, on holidays and enjoying your favourite hobbies.

The choice is yours. If you're interested in implementing those marketing systems in your business and enjoying the sort of success you can see with the client testimonials on this page, then I have a life-changing offer for you.

So What's It All Going to Cost?

If you've read this far, then I know that you are seriously considering in your mind what it would be like to come under my wing.

You have pictured in your mind's eye what it would feel like to see your business soar to the heights you know you are capable of achieving. And you have thought about what it might be like to train under a real A-level copywriter and marketing consultant.

But you may also be asking yourself, "What is it all going to cost?"

Well in a way, your coaching is free on two counts:

First of all, because what you will learn could generate enough money to pay for a lifetime of courses. For example, in the first month, I plan to hand you a sure-fire strategy which if you implement, should pay for the entire cost of your first year alone. Given the success stories I've shared with you so far, you can probably see that what I give you could be your Master Key to success.

Secondly, the time I commit to you is a fraction of my normal consulting rate. I normally charge $500 an hour to consult, and my clients consider that a bargain against the results they consistently experience in return. And some clients want me so badly, they offer me a portion of the revenue I help them generate.

You're getting the same actionable advice -- along with all the profitable benefits that come with it -- but at a significantly discounted rate than my clients normally pay.

This Private Invitation Is Not For Everyone

The bottom line is it cost me tens of thousands of dollars and years of trial and error to develop this knowledge, hone my skills and build my business.

When you work with me to refine your marketing skills, you could bypass the years of hard work and costly mistake and see real results right away. A few of my clients have even told me that they would pay me my full $50,000 fee for learning how I do it.

But if you join me today as a Gold Member, it will only cost you $6497 to join this exclusive club of serious business owners. That's just $17.80 a day, or the cost of a café lunch each day to take your business to a whole new level. What's more, you also have the option of paying it off monthly at just $647 a month.

Yes, even though I know of less valuable programs than this selling for $30,000.00 or more,  it is a real price tag – and because of this you can feel confident the actionable strategies you'll be coached through are truly complete. They aren't "teasers" designed to upgrade you to something more expensive.

What’s more, very few of the dabblers and hobbyists will be privy to its secrets. This means my "secrets" really are secrets. In my experience, fewer than one in 500 small to medium sized businesses are actually using them, let alone know how to maximize their full potential.

So you just need to ask yourself which you'd rather have... the same cheap, mass-marketed books and so-called courses as everyone else, or a genuine competitive edge?

Ok, let me sum up what you get with both the Gold and Silver Membership of the More Time at the Beach Coaching and Mastermind Program…

 More Time At the Beach
Benefit Value
One-on-One Strategy Session $300.00
More Customers on a Shoestring $997.00
Cash-Flow Advertising $287.00
Lead Generation Express $997.00
26 Ninja Strategies to Get More Customers $447.00
Five Hours of Your Most Pressing Questions Answered $495.00
2 Live in-person 1 Day Seminars $5,000.00
Twice a Month Mastermind Teleconference $1,164.00
Monthly Newsletter & Audio Seminar $994.00
Access to Exclusive Members-Only Online Forum $997.00
Value $11,678.00
You Pay $6,497.00
You Save $5,181.00

Click Here to Lock in Your Membership so You
Can Spend More Time at the Beach

There is One Small Catch

This program isn’t for everyone…

If you are a whiner and complainer who never takes action (and wants someone to do everything for you, or is looking for someone to blame when things go wrong) you should also not bother joining.

And if you’re looking for a “magic pill” program that promises you’ll get rich without any effort, then no offense… but please don’t waste your time. I’m sure there’s someone who can help you out… but it’s not me.

In fact, if you have any doubts at all about joining this program… are uncertain about me and my credentials… or if it’s simply too large of an investment, this program isn’t for you, and you should definitely pass on this offer.

You Must Qualify To Be Eligible

Because I am devoting so much of own personal time, energy, and resources to this program, I sadly must limit the size to ensure I can give my complete attention to my members.

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

I therefore ask you to only consider joining this program if you are a business owner (or manager) who is truly committed to making the kind of serious changes in your business and lifestyle required to maximize your results.

Here's what I'm looking for in a member:

  1. You must have the desire to follow my simple plan for building your business. You must be willing to apply what I say. You must be willing to grow your business in a step-by-step methodical fashion. You must be willing to shake off the ups and downs and continue to move forward. If you can't agree to this, then I cannot help you.
  2. You must convince me you are someone I can train. I cannot afford to waste my time on business owners who think they know it all. You must be open to new ideas and willing to try new things.
  3. You must have the right business values. I'm a passionate believer in living the right values in business. Good values attract the right customers. If you are going to make it in this business, you must treat your customers as you expect to be treated. You must hold yourself to a higher standard. You must never use your talent to sell products that provide no value to people. As I will teach you, your name is the most valuable asset you have.
  4. You must never share or resell or distribute my sales training information. I will be teaching you my proprietary trade secrets for your own personal use. You wouldn't want to share them anyway. Because it will give you a leg up on your competitors who are still sending samples, offering to work for free, and saying the wrong things on the phone.

Are You Ready Take The Next Step In Your Business?

If you meet the four qualifications above, then this could be a watershed moment in your business and your life.

... Of course, you could ignore my invitation to join the select group of business owners in my "More Time At The Beach Coaching Group" and forget about all the incredible mastermind and consulting sessions that comes with it.

... You could continue going it alone, using the same old marketing strategies, getting the same old mediocre results, working in your business longer than you need to each week and enjoying only a fraction of the profits you deserve and which your business is capable of.

... Or you could decide to make change your life today by discovering real strategies to grow your business, let my expertise guide you every step of the way, finally tap into the hidden wealth opportunities lying hidden in your business and enjoy the life you deserve with your family.

As you can see from the documented case studies on this page, my clients have enjoyed the benefits of my marketing knowledge and experience! They now make more money, enjoy more free time and are finally doing what they want with their lives.

These same advantages are now on offer to you.

If you appreciate the value of this life-changing opportunity and you meet the four qualifications above, I invite you to seize the moment. Fill in your details below and join our exclusive group while places are still available.

Just fill in your details below to get started!

First Name *
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Email *
Phone *

I promise it will be the best thing you ever do for your life and your business!

Scott Bywater
Scott Bywater
Copywriting That Sells

P.S. Still sitting on the fence? Let me give you one more reason why this program is absolutely essential for anyone serious about growing their business. If you are not using the strategies in my "More Time at The Beach Coaching Program", you're losing money.

Take another look at the testimonials on this page and ask yourself “why can’t I be next?”

Once you’ve done that click here to lock in your membership


Bronze Program